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Why Mediation?

All relationships are unique, they are not one size fits all and their dissolution should reflect that.  Mediation reduces acrimony.  It is a respectful, low stress, more economical and an expeditious way to resolve your differences with a spouse or partner.  In mediation we help you and your partner define your areas of conflict, work towards a solution and create a mutually agreed upon settlement for how to restructure you future. 

Agreements reached through mediation have a higher compliance rate then agreements reached through other means.  When partners work together to create the terms of their settlement it is hard not to be compliant when you had an equal hand in structuring the details.

Choosing to end your relationship is hard enough.  Working through the details of separating your lives and forming a new path to your future doesn’t have to be difficult. 


Choose mediation if:

  • You want what's best for your family

  • You want to keep things peaceful

  • You want a high level of control over the terms of your settlement

  • You want to save money

  • You want your agreement to be fair to both you and your spouse

  • You want an agreement that is customized to your unique family’s needs

  • You don't want your divorce proceedings to drag on forever

If these are your goals, then mediation will be the right choice for you and for your family.

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