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What is Mediation?

Mediation is a structured, voluntary process between the two parties with a neutral 3rd person, the mediator. The mediator is a trained individual knowledgeable in divorce law that will guide the couple and work with them to make informed decisions through communication, collaboration, and negotiation. A mediator does not advocate for one side but instead helps the couple find an amicable resolution that works for both of them. 


The mediator will help a couple organize each area of conflict that needs to be resolved. Then, the mediator will encourage discussion of each parties’ interests to help them come to realistic agreements concerning the equitable distribution of their assets, property, child support, parenting time, and other related issues.  In these sessions the mediator will help you and your partner stay objective as you work through all the issues that need to be resolved.

An attempt to mediate during a divorce a

Mediation provides a safe, trusting environment where together, you and your partner address the issues you are faced with and creatively come to a resolution.   Tackling one issue at a time, the mediator will guide you and your partner to create and explore options, and find the ones that are most suitable for both of you.  Through this process mediation helps to empower the couple and foster communication.

It is a cost effective and efficient process with the parties maintaining a high level of control over the outcome of the agreement.  It is the couple that makes all of the final decisions.

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