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About Ripka Mediation

Ending a relationship can be as upsetting as the loss of a loved one. It can be an overwhelming feeling of your world being turned upside down or the feeling of going down a river without an oar. After recovering from the initial shock and you are ready to move on, it is time to figure out how to peacefully uncouple in the most dignified way possible.

From traditional divorce mediation to co-parenting support, at Ripka Mediation we spend time listening to you and your partner; we learn about your needs, concerns, and goals for your future. We will help both of you through this journey as you decide how to best resolve your differences. With compassion, we work with you to develop the solutions you need to transition into your life's next chapter. 


As trained mediators, we are experts in guiding couples through conflict. We provide you with the information and support needed to develop solutions and, through collaboration, create a plan for your future. We understand both the emotional as well as the practical aspects of this challenging time in your life. We move at YOUR pace and as cost-effectively as possible. Mediation is respectful, cooperative, and mindful of the human element that is part of all relationships. We provide the empathy that you will not find if you pursue a litigious route for ending your relationship. Our mediation sessions are private and confidential. They can be virtual or in-person to accommodate your needs, comfort level, and convenience.

The dissolution of a relationship can be one of the most stressful and traumatic events you experience. Still, a good mediator is a low stress option for your family and will help set you on a more positive path for your future.

At Ripka Mediation we want to help minimize your conflict. Together you and your partner will reach a mutually beneficial agreement that best satisfies everyone’s needs and, if you have a family, it is focused on keeping what is in your children's best interest at heart.

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