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Modern Family Mediation

Like a marriage, couples in long-term relationships that seek dissolution need assistance in reconciling the distribution of shared assets and finances. If there are children involved, parenting time and child support needs to be established and in some cases, maintenance is needed as well.

The goal of mediation is to assist parties in making informed choices while being guided by an impartial, unbiased, and neutral 3rd party - the mediator. The mediator’s role is to assist parties in making these choices, but not give direct advice. Both parties are provided with self-determination; they are empowered and encouraged to advocate for themselves. This means you and your partner are free to make voluntary and un-coerced procedural and substantive decisions. Intricate and complex topics can arise; sometimes, additional information is needed to make informed decisions. In mediation, it is encouraged that the parties consult with professionals in that particular area of expertise to assist or guide them in making these decisions. Neutral experts that are well versed in mediation, bring unbiased advice to help the parties reach a fair resolution.

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Upon completion of mediation, you and your partner will be provided with a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU).  This is a summary of all the agreements collectively reached during the mediation sessions.  It is essential for both parties to check the agreement for accuracy and to independently consult with an attorney to review the agreement and finalize the settlement.  

At Ripka Mediation we strive to minimize the conflict between you and your partner.  We work with both of you to reach a mutually beneficial agreement that satisfies everyone's needs and helps to set you on a positive path for your future.

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