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Is Mediation Right for Us?

Mediation, whether for the purpose of divorce, dissolving a long-term relationship, or a non-conventional relationship, is a kinder and more affordable way to uncouple. For mediation to be successful, you and your partner need to agree to full disclosure and transparency, be willing to engage in a good-faith negotiation, and be willing to compromise. 


Most couples don’t need to litigate their divorce. Litigation is extremely stressful, expensive, invasive, and a lengthy process. Couples who seek a solution that is the least disruptive to their family, and are willing to communicate respectfully with one another, should consider mediation as the optimal approach for ending their relationship.

Image by Hutomo Abrianto

Mediation is considered to be the best method for families learning how to co-parent. It is less stressful, less contentious, and helps the parties foster better communication together. In addition, when the terms of the agreement are reached through mediation, it is shown that parties are more likely to comply because they were active participants in the structure and terms of the agreement.


If you and your partner are both willing to attend and participate in mediation, are comfortable with making your own decisions, are both mentally capable of making decisions, are willing to be transparent and engage in good faith negotiations, then yes, mediation is right for you.

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